Why invest with 47 North?

We develop real estate that evokes the beauty of the Pacific Northwest while striving to have a positive impact on our community. 

From small townhouse projects to the redevelopment of a 3 acre neighborhood town center - every 47 North Development places thoughtful design and neighborhood context above calculated profits. 

Our projects have consistently outperformed the initial financial projections. Ranging from shorter term (1-3 years) with higher risk and returns to long-term holds (5-10+ years) with upside in either the building or underlying land, we offer investment opportunities that can meet any individual investor's goals. 

47 North was founded upon the trust and investment of family and friends. If you are interested in becoming a 47 North investor in the future, you must qualify as an accredited investor according to the IRS. Detailed information about these requirements can be found here.

For background on all 47 North Development's past projects please view our Completed Investor page here.

Due to the highly particular nature of our investor onboarding process, investing with 47 North is only offered to select individuals.  If you are interested in investing and would like Matt to personally reach out to you, click here.