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Build community, invest locally.

47 North Development provides the opportunity for accredited investors to diversify their portfolios by providing access to various types of real estate investments without the experience, time, and risk that would otherwise be required.

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From project conception to construction.

Every 47 North property starts with a vision rooted in place. We strive to highlight the beauty of the Pacific Northwest while enhancing the built environment in the neighborhoods and communities that we impact. The innovative use of wood, stone, steel, and other natural materials distinguishes all 47 North projects.

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Designed intelligently, built efficiently.

Selectively acting as our own general contractor allows 47 North to control build quality, costs, and the timeline of our projects. This vertically integrated developer-builder model enhances value for investors while increasing speed-to-market and decreasing total costs.

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A landlord with a conscience.

47 North is responsible for the day to day management of all our properties. With a boots on the ground approach, we optimize operational efficiencies while providing a welcome alternative to the impersonal approach of most institutional Landlords.

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