Vertically Integrated Construction Services.

47 North Construction is essential to the strategic growth of the company. With the ability to offer an in-house general contracting division, 47 North will greatly enhance value for investors while increasing speed-to-market and cost efficiencies through strategic project design and development. This collaborative approach allows 47 North Construction to provide the following services for our investors:

  • General Construction (GC) - act as our own contractor encompassing all aspects of the construction process.
  • Construction Management (CM) - depending on project scale, 47 North will oversee the hiring of another GC and act as construction manager to represent the project entity before, during, and following construction.
  • Estimating and Pre-Construction Services - provide budgetary and pre-construction services throughout all phases of project delivery from due-diligence through acquisition and entitlement.
  • Scheduling - throughout the development process regardless of the role assumed above, 47 North Construction will provide detailed schedule development which essential to the success of any project.

These new capabilities will be applied to each project in the most effective manner based on project scale, timeline, and risk profile. The strategic implementation of these services will ensure that 47 North delivers projects to market to the mutual benefit of communities, building occupants, and our investors.