Real Estate at 47.61°N

Did you know Seattle is farther north than the entire state of Maine and half the population of Canada?

Set on the edge of Puget Sound and flanked by two active volcanic mountain ranges, Seattle's geographic position has many unique effects on the buildings 47 North designs and develops:

  • Since the sun sets at 4:20 PM on December 21st, 47 North's extensive use of glazing helps bring every last bit of daylight inside; outdoor entertainment spaces allow you to enjoy beautiful summer evenings that seem linger far beyond the official sunset at 9:11 PM on June 21st.
  • Like clockwork in the winter, storms hot off the Pineapple Express from Hawaii run into the Cascade Mountains to the east of Seattle, dumping their moisture on our region. This helps the trees outside stay green while our building waterproofing systems keep you dry.

These are two easily identifiable ways in which 47 North's buildings are influenced by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Distinctive materials such as Shou Sugi Ban siding locally sourced from the San Juan Islands set our company apart from the average developer. 

Far too often, other real estate developers cut corners to increase profits at the expense of home owners, tenants, neighborhoods, and their reputations.

We strive to be different - through collaborative partnerships, personal tenant relations, and distinctive development design.

Experience life at 47 North.