Hybrid Investor

Project Details

3 Live-Work, 9 2-Story Apartments, 1 Commercial Space

412 NW 65th St, Seattle, WA 98117

Community focused building with elevated second floor common courtyard.


    Project Goals

    • Originally intended as a fee-simple entirely Live-Work project that would be built/sold upon completion, I change in SDCI zoning interpretation could have been a major problem for other developers.

    Key Investment Highlights

    By The Numbers

    Acquired - 2016

    Built - 2020 (est.)

    Lot - 10,000 SF

    Zoning -  NC2P-30

    Building - 17,100 SF

    Interesting Project Fact 

    This is the first 47 North project to involve a concrete PT deck.


    Developer:  47 North

    Architect:  SHW

    Contractor:  Vekst Development

    Structural:  Frank Co.

    Civil:  Blueline

    Landscape:  Root of Design

    Features of Hybrid Investor