Fairview Townhouses

Project Details

7 Industrial Modern Homes

2312 Fairview Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

Developed in conjunction 47 North's Fairview Reboot project, this seven unit townhouse project shares a driveway easement for access to dedicated off-street parking for each home. Benefiting from higher allowable building heights, the three rear units feature dynamic interplay between living, den, and roof deck levels.


    Project Goals

    • Acquired property with adjacent 2300 Fairview project.
    • Develop 7 townhomes in order to provide near term return of cash to investors.
    • Deliver short and long term gains through capital events and investment distributions.

    Key Investment Highlights

    • Site was acquired using a bridge loan from Sound Community Bank.
    • After successful repositioning of the adjacent Petes Market building, the development site will be free and clear.
    • Projected profits should return all of investors' original equity while maintaining ownership of 2300 Fairview.

    By The Numbers

    Acquired - 2017

    Built - 2021 (est.)

    Lot - 7,013 SF

    Zoning - LR2 RC

    Building - 9,620 SF

    Interesting Project Fact

    The three eastern units lie outside the shoreline buffer and are the first 47 North townhomes to be permitted up to 40 feet tall.

    Project Team

    Developer: 47 North

    Architect: SHW

    Contractor: 47 North

    Structural:  Frank Co.

    Civil:  DCG 

    Landscape:  Root of Design

    Features of Fairview Townhouses